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Games to Stimulate Your Brain, Not Just Your Thumbs!

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Games to Stimulate Your Brain, Not Just Your Thumbs!

Over *** years, online games are becoming more popular among internet users. Today, you can find many thousands of different flash games of many genres online. If games where smashing buttons, blowing up bad guys, or racing cars are not your style and you'd rather play online games that stimulate your brain, check out *** many puzzle games that are online to productively waste your time!

Puzzle games are games that accentuate solving puzzles using your brain. Puzzle games can test and improve many different problem solving skills including logic, pattern recognition, strategy, word completion, and sequence solving. In *** online gaming world, you will find thousands of puzzle games that will keep you busy all day long, 365 days a year!

There are many types of puzzle games you can find online. *** most popular of all puzzle games is Sudoku. Yes, you can put down your pencil and play Sudoku online! If you do not know what Sudoku is, *** object of *** game is to place *** numbers 1 through 9 into a grid of cells so that each row or column contains only one of each number. Sudoku is a very addictive and challenging puzzle game that tests and helps to improve logical reasoning skills! But I am sure you knew that already.

An addicting puzzle game is Mahjong. *** online version is a remake of an ancient 4 player game created by *** Chinese. *** object is to remove tiles from *** stacks by matching one piece to *** other on each stack. Sounds easy but actually takes a lot of strategy! Of course there are many variations of Mahjong and you can spend hours upon hours playing different versions! Time is not wasted as mahjong improves logic and pattern recognition skills!

Remember those relaxing Sunday afternoons with your Grandmother putting together a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle? Wasn't it nice? One drawback that always seems to happen with jigsaw puzzles is that a piece or two gets lost. How frustrating is it to put together a 1000 piece puzzle with one missing in *** middle? Very! With jigsaw puzzles online, there are no worries about losing pieces! Recently, jigsaw puzzles have risen in popularity on *** internet and many thousands are available today. You can probably find a jigsaw puzzle on just about any image, landscape, super hero, cars, you name it! So invite your Grandmother over for a relaxing Sunday afternoon together and piece a couple jigsaw puzzles online!

Are you fan of a Ben 10? If you're not, you may have a son or daughter that loves Ben 10! Ben 10 is a fantasy action super hero that is popular with kids and airs on *** cartoon network. Now you are probably wondering why did I mention Ben 10? Well, there are several Ben 10 puzzle games on *** internet that will capture your child's attention, provide them with entertainment all while they are using their brain and increasing their skills in subjects like math, memory , and problem solving. Trust me; they will have fun while enhancing their skills!

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